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Image showing client testimonials. Quote Graphic: Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.


"I have been getting anti-ageing facial treatments for a long time and seen several cosmetic doctors throughout the years. This is the first time, I decided to write about my experiences. Maria Kogan is truly amazing. Her vision and expertise made me look more beautiful than I ever imagined. I can honestly say that despite my age, I have never looked better. My experiences at Luminous Aesthetic Center are always 100% satisfactory. I proudly state my age, I feel and look fabulous. She is a true artist."
- Beth, age 49

"Prior to coming to Luminous Aesthetics, I have had botox and facial fillers done at other places. Now, that I've been a patient there, I would not go anywhere else. I would simply not want anyone else working on my face, besides Maria Kogan. She has a unique ability to study and study your face very carefully, so that in the end, you look like your natural self, only better and younger. I have to say that not everyone takes their time like she does to identify areas in need of improvement, but simply fill lips and cheeks and change your face. At times, following treatments at other facilities, I was hesitant to show my face. I felt embarrassed. Now, I am truly happy about the way I look, thanks to Maria Kogan and Luminous Aesthetics Center."
- Dorothy, age 74